Tax Consultation  
  • What Taxes Does a Company in the Philippines Have to Pay?
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    Withholding Tax on Compensation (WTC; Monthly + Annual Declaration):Individual declaration based on basic salary less employees benefits.
  • 2.
    Value-Added Tax (VAT; Monthly + Quarterly Declaration): All income, expenditure, and formal invoices are taxable and must be declared. Tax Rate 12%.
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    Income Tax (Quarterly + Annually Declaration) All Philippine, joint venture and foreign companies:Income Tax Rate 30%.
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    Financial Statements: Our professional CPA team can provide Accounting Books, Financial Statements and Revenue Operational Analysis, Employees Salary and Contributions calculations and other services.
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    Tax Declaration Planning: Based on the requirements of Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), we provide services for Tax Auditing, Checking and Declaration, and Tax Mitigation Planning.
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